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4 Proactive Steps for a Home Free from Mould

Mould prevention

With Singapore and Malaysia's tropical climate posing a persistent mould problem, there's no need to lose hope! By proactively taking measures, you can prevent mould from appearing and establish a healthier living space.

Step 1: Maintain a Mould-Free Zone

Regular cleaning is key. Here's how to make a difference:

  • Wipe down wet surfaces quickly: In bathrooms and kitchens where moisture tends to linger, swift action is crucial. The quicker you dry surfaces, the lower the opportunity for mould to thrive.
  • Schedule regular cleanings: Be sure to focus on areas that are prone to mould growth, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and basements. Enhance your cleaning routine by incorporating mould-inhibiting products for added protection against mould.

Step 2: Early Detection is Key

Regularly check areas prone to mold for signs of moisture or mould growth. Household mould tends to flourish in moist, humid spaces like basements and bathrooms. Mould can also hide in carpets and ventilation systems within households. By being vigilant and proactive in monitoring these areas, you can catch any potential mould issues early on and take swift action to prevent them from spreading. This hands-on approach will not only save you time and money in the long run but also ensure a healthier and mould-free living environment for you and your family. So, make it a habit to inspect these areas regularly and nip any mould problems in the bud before they become a bigger issue.

Step 3: Control Moisture and Ventilation

Mould thrives in damp environments. Here's how to fight back:

  • Use dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers such as Thirsty Hippo remove excess moisture from the air, making it less hospitable for mould.
  • Improve ventilation: Ensure good airflow, especially in moisture-prone areas. Use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, and open windows whenever possible to circulate air.

Step 4: Choose air-conditioned storage units

Store your belongings in air-conditioned / air con storage units. Air con removes mould-causing heat and humidity. Lock+Store Singapore offers air-con storage units at 13 facilities in Singapore. Lock+Store Malaysia offers air-con storage units in Glenmarie.

By following these simple steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of mould returning to your home. Not only will this create a mould-free environment, but it will also improve your indoor air quality, making your home a healthier place to live.

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