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Office Organization: 5 Tidying Up Tips to Declutter Your Desk

Photo of cluttered table

Are you fed up with your messy desk at work? Are you Running out of space to work? Wasting a lot of time finding the things you need? You’ll probably need to declutter your desk to get things back to order, such that you are more efficient and motivated at work. This article brings you 5 tidying up tips for office organization and storage, making it all a little easier for you. 

Tidying up tips #1: Sorting things into categories 

Don’t know where to start? The first step in tidying up your desk could be to categorize your stuff into different groups. Begin with sorting them by their frequency of use, one with the commonly used items and the other with those that aren’t often used. If you are unsure over certain items, have a clue about your usage pattern by observing the frequency of use for a week. After classifying all your items into the two groups, you may discard the items that are deemed not useful. For the things frequently used, you may plan their location according to their function and properties accordingly. In such a way, your table shall be neat and tidy with everything in place. 

 Tidying up tips #2: Making use of desk organizers 

Believe it or not, one of the main reasons for a messy desk is items not having a fixed spot on the table. Many people simply put their items randomly after use, as time goes by, your tables will likely run out of space. There is a wide array of office organization tools that can help us in tidying up our tables or even to enlarge our storage space. Boxes with dividers are especially suitable for organizing drawers, where loose items like your business cards and stationeries can be kept neatly. After all, keeping a good habit of putting things in their right place is crucial in keeping your desk organized, so that things will come in handy when you need them. 

 Tidying up tips #3: Expanding on to the walls 

Feel like you’re running out of space on your desk? You can turn to your walls and make them become part of your storage space! Paste your photos, small pieces of notes and post-it onto your walls doesn’t only make them more visible, but also free up plenty of space. For creative savvies, have you ever thought of crafting your unique storage racks or notice boards? Facelift your workspace and demonstrate your style while saving precious space, all at the same time! 

Tidying up tips #4: Utilizing the under-desk space 

Apart from turning to our walls, we may also make use of the space under our desks. Consider storing all the bulky, rarely used items, even your piles of documents and folders below and under. Besides, a movable rack could be a nice addition to your under-table space. Grant yourself with some extra space while keeping everything in easy reach. 

Tidying up tips #5: Going for self storage 

After tidying up, are you still stuck with a large pile of stuff? Don’t worry, you can keep all your rarely used items with self storage. Lock+Store offers economical self storage space at 14 facilities in Singapore. With an extensive and reliable 24-hours security system in place, rest assured your items are being kept safely. Contact us and declutter your desk immediately with our self storage space solution.  


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