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Recycling Drive at Lock+Store Reaches New Milestone

January 2023 recycling statistics

The recycling drive at storage space provider Lock+Store reached a new milestone in January 2033. Since we joined SGRecycle's network, the paper and textile waste stations at our flagship Chai Chee facility have become very popular among our storers.

In January, a total of 43 users deposited close to 1000 kg of paper and textile waste.

We look forward to expanding the use of the waste stations at more facilities in 2023 as we carry out our mission of creating "a green and caring tomorrow with self-self-storage".

A green and caring tomorrow with self-storage

Lock+Store made a bold new green push in 2022 with the tagline “A green and caring tomorrow with self storage”. Under this initiative, we installed solar panels and paper and textile waste recycling stations at our flagship Chai Chee facility. We also introduced edible gardens at the facility together with SG Gardens to optimise land use and support Singapore’s drive towards food self-sufficiency.

At the same time, we are committed to community building and uplifting the well-being of Singaporeans and all who live here through our CSR initiatives. We have been sponsoring a self storage unit for online crowdfunding charity Ray of Hope so they can have a base from which to distribute basic necessities to low-income families in Singapore. We also sponsored a unit for Nature Society Singapore so they can store their business documents and publications documenting Singapore’s rich and varied eco-heritage. 


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