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Lock+Store Launches Parcel Points at Three Storage Facilities

In Singapore where time is of the essence, Lock+Store has taken a giant leap forward in providing unparalleled convenience to our ecommerce self-storage customers who form about 30% of our customer base. Recognising the busy schedules of our business storers, we have deployed Parcel Drop-off and Pickup Points at three self-storage facilities: Lock+Store Ayer Rajah, Lock+Store Chai Chee and Lock+Store Tanjong Pagar.

Conveniently dropping off and picking up parcels

Our customers no longer need to take time off from work or disrupt their daily routines to manage self-storage logistics. With this approach, customers can seamlessly drop off and collect parcels at their convenience, eliminating the hassle and stress associated with rushing down to collect or drop off items, and allowing customers to devote their time to more important tasks.

Ecommerce entrepreneurs, in particular, will find this service to be a game-changer. Juggling multiple responsibilities, from order processing to customer service, can be overwhelming. Now, thanks to Lock+Store's Parcel Drop-off and Pickup Points, business owners can focus on growing their enterprises without sacrificing precious time.

Customers can drop off their parcels at designated points, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. The self-service nature of these points means that individuals can manage their storage needs on their own time.

It's important to note that Items placed on the rack are at the customer's own risk. 

This service complements the our recent launch of electric moving vans at Lock+Store Ayer Rajah and Lock+Store Chai Chee. The vans allow business owners to self drive their goods to and from ther storage units, all while reducing their carbon footprint. Both services help enhance the customer experience by creating convenience and flexibility for our storage space customers.

Our flexible storage terms - from as little as two weeks to one year (renewable), already afford our small business customers the flexibility of scaling their storage unit sizes up and down according to their business needs.  


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