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Lock+Store Joins Alba's E-Waste Recycling Programme


As our gadgets and devices evolve, so do the piles of discarded electronics. Proper disposal and recycling of e-waste are essential to reduce environmental impact and protect our planet. Recognising the significance of this challenge, storage space for rent provider Lock+Store is proud to announce our participation in Alba's E-Waste Recycling Programme.

What is Alba's E-Waste Recycling Programme?

Alba, a leading waste management and recycling company in Singapore, offers a comprehensive E-Waste Recycling Programme that caters to businesses and organisations. This initiative focuses on collecting, recycling, and disposing of electronic waste responsibly and sustainably. This programme align's with Lock+Store's green mission of "A green and caring tomorrow with self storage".

Why E-Waste Recycling Matters

E-waste comprises discarded electronic items such as smartphones, laptops, printers, and other electronic appliances. Improper disposal of these items can result in various environmental hazards, including contamination of landfills, the release of toxic materials, and resource wastage. E-waste recycling helps recover valuable materials, minimises environmental damage, and conserves resources.

Lock+Store's Contribution

Lock+Store is a trusted name in the self-storage industry, known for providing secure and convenient storage solutions. By participating in Alba's E-Waste Recycling Programme, Lock+Store extends our commitment to customer service beyond storage units. The company is now taking active steps to ensure the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste generated from our facilities.

Environmental Impact

By participating in Alba's E-Waste Recycling Programme, Lock+Store helps reduce the environmental footprint of electronic waste. This initiative supports Singapore's broader sustainability goals by promoting responsible recycling practices.

How It Works

Lock+Store customers can now drop off their e-waste items at participating Lock+Store facilities, starting with Lock+Store Chai Chee. These items will then be collected and processed by Alba's expert team. Alba adheres to strict environmental standards and regulations, ensuring that e-waste is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

By responsibly handling electronic waste and promoting recycling, Lock+Store hopes to set a positive example for our customers and the community at large. This partnership is a testament to the power of collective efforts in protecting the environment, one e-waste item at a time.

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