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5 most popular moving services providers at Lock+Store (2024)

Looking for moving services Look no further!

As a self-storage space provider, we see different moving services providers arriving at our facilities every day to assist with domestic or commercial moving, or to dispose of unwanted furniture. 

At Lock+Store, we have seen our fair share of these providers and we have observed that these are the five most popular moving services providers among our customers:

1. Ascent Services

Moving company Ascent Services at Lock+Store Toh Guan

Ascent Services at Lock+Store Toh Guan

Ascent Services is a five-star rated moving company. They provide a full spectrum of responsible mover services at an extremely competitive rate. They are well known for their Facebook videos showcasing complex manoeuvres such as navigating tight stairways while transporting bulky furniture. 

They recently deployed 24 men to shift bulky furniture into a combined total of 700 sqft of air-con storage space at Lock+Store Toh Guan -and it was a piece of cake for them!


2. Shalom Movers Singapore 

Shalom Movers Singapore is a household name with a track record of moving excellence. They have also won several quality excellence awards. They primarily provide domestic residential, domestic commercial and international services. 



3. Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations specialises in global reloation services. As such, their clients are primarily expatriates moving to and from Singapore. They provide pet relocation services too. Beyond relocation services, they also help with immigration and destination services such as home search, school search, and cultural training.



4. The Nimble Guys

The Nimble Guys or TNG offer home and office relocation services, and disposal services. In addition to their relocation services, they also offer disposal services to help streamline the process of decluttering and downsizing. They are very familiar with helping customers move their belongings to and from self-storage facilities. 


Visit the company's website for contact details. 

5. The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is unique among moving services as they work with Singapore Prison Service to give a second chance to ex-offenders who wish to transform their lives. They are a Social Service Agency that seeks to give back to society by providing jobs and opportunities for people who are looking to rebuild their lives. 

The Helping Hand offers 4 to 5 men per move and 14-footer lorries for residential moving, commercial moving and disposal of unwanted furniture.  



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