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Maximising Your Property Exposure: A Step-by-Step Guide to Listing Your Property on Clicks®


In the current real estate arena, marketing or leasing a property can often feel like trying to make your voice heard in a bustling crowd. This shift has been catalysed by the economic volatilities which have reshaped both buyer and renter preferences. The traditional modes of property advertising no longer resonate with today's discerning clientele. Buyers and renters are more cautious, seeking spacious, remote-work-friendly homes. In this evolving landscape, a new solution has emerged, one that can give your property the visibility it deserves – Clicks®.

Introducing Clicks Real Estate: Clicks® is a digital platform that revolutionises the real estate industry. It is a unique, online social networking space dedicated solely to real estate. Whether you're a buyer, seller, or industry professional, Clicks® offers a tailored experience to meet your needs. In just a few clicks, and you're networking, learning, or one step closer to closing a deal.

Building a Connected Community: Clicks® is more than a platform; it is a community, fostering a friendly neighborhood vibe. It is a place where people can share stories, tips, and opportunities, helping everyone in the real estate world to connect, share, and thrive.

Why Choose Clicks®? Here are compelling reasons to list your property on Clicks®:

  1. No Listing Costs: Listing your property on Clicks® comes at no charge, making it a perfect choice for those new to the real estate domain.
  2. Extensive Visibility: Easily connect with a wide-ranging audience of potential buyers or renters.
  3. Seamless Networking: Connect effortlessly with individuals interested in real estate, showcasing the unique qualities of your property.
  4. Worldwide Exposure: Present your property not only to local neighbors but also to prospective buyers from across the globe.
  5. Supportive Community Access: Tap into a community that offers assistance and guidance on pricing, legal concerns, and beyond.
  6. AI-Enhanced Insights: Clicks® incorporates AI and web 3 technologies to provide tailored property recommendations and market insights.

A Success Story with Clicks®

Consider Mr. Lee, a homeowner in Singapore looking to rent out his property due to a job opportunity. Here's how Clicks® free property listing benefited him:

  1. Listing the Property: Mr. Lee effortlessly listed his property on Clicks®, setting a competitive rental price based on insights from the platform.
  2. Engaging with Potential Renters: Clicks® streamlined communication, enabling Mr. Lee to connect with prospective renters who showed interest.
  3. Leveraging Community Insights: He gained valuable insights from the local homeowners' community on Clicks®.
  4. Review and Testimonial Collection: Positive reviews enhanced his credibility as a property owner.
  5. Performance Analytics: Mr. Lee closely monitored his listing's performance using Clicks®' analytics tools.
  6. Expert Assistance: He also had the opportunity to connect with seasoned real estate professionals for valuable investment advice.

How to List Your Property on Clicks®: Listing your property on Clicks® is a breeze:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign up for an account.
  3. Go to "Listing."
  4. Choose your country.
  5. Click "Add Listing."
  6. Fill in property details and upload pictures.

Your property is instantly listed for potential buyers or renters to see. Experienced agents are also available to assist you. Join Clicks® today to unlock a new realm of real estate possibilities!

Lock+Store inks partnership with Clicks®

Lock+Store has officially inked a game-changing partnership with Clicks®, the pioneering Singapore-based Web 3.0 real estate startup. Our self-storage solutions are set to take centrestage on their world’s-first real estate platform! 🏡

What makes this collaboration stand out? Lock+Store proudly becomes the inaugural self-storage operator to feature on Clicks®, marking a significant milestone in the industry. 🥇

But it doesn't stop there! Clicks® is on a mission to become the LinkedIn of real estate, fostering economic opportunities for all players in the real estate and its allied sectors. That includes individual buyers, sellers, renters, real estate pros, and companies – plus, those like us who are part of the real estate ecosystem, such as self-storage providers.

What's more, Clicks® is poised to be your go-to destination for all things real estate. Whether you're hunting for refinancing solutions, seeking renovation inspiration, or searching for the top-notch agents and interior designers, Clicks® has got you covered. ✨ 

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