Clothing Storage Hack: Making Use of Every Single Space


The KonMari Method of Filing Clothes

When it comes to tidying up your wardrobe, we cannot overlook Japanese organisation-extraordinaire Marie Kondo who has championed the filing method of folding clothes. As opposed to stacking up clothes in piles, this unconventional approach has clothes folded into a rectangular shape that stands on their own and organised into files that frees up extra storage space.

Clothes Organiser

Another must-have essential is a clothes organiser. It declutters storage space just like the filing method, but with the assistance of a tool. If folding clothes in files is to make use of every single inch of space in a clothes organiser, then a clothes organiser is to make the most out of a closet.

Besides, using clothes organisers can sort clothes in a more efficient and orderly manner, by storing away special-occasion and out-of-season clothing into a separate box of its own. In this way, the closet will become decluttered and clean, only with clothes that are worn on a regular basis.

Combining these two methods together will keep your closet in a state of perfect tidiness, with stacks of organisers that are neatly filled by files of clothes.

Home Organisation Hack: Making Use of Furniture Tools

Storage Box

Storage box is a multifunctional furniture tool that not only cleans wardrobe of strewn clothes but also neatly organises all kinds of home items from shoes to kitchenware. A storage box is more than a space-saving physical tool; it also represents the art of efficient classification. If you develop a habit of utilizing storage boxes to organise home items on a regular basis, tidying up your home will become a breeze. You will no longer find yourself constantly sorting out, straightening up, and shuffling things around the house!

Floating Shelf

Having shelves on the wall is not merely decorative; it is also very practical by turning empty walls into extra storage space. As wall shelves are very visible and within reach in a home, you should put daily essentials like an alarm clock or make-up to make mornings easier.

Home Organisation Hack: Making Use of Classification

“Calendar” Classification (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)

My secret sauce to organising homes in a super-efficient way is a classification method which has saved many homes from an overwhelming mess. The method, as its name might suggest, classifies items according to their frequency of use – daily, monthly and yearly. It can be applied to most, if not all, items.

The table below will walk you through with examples on this classification approach:

Meaning Book Sports Goods
Daily Items Daily essentials; should be placed within reach Magazines, Novels Sneakers, Dumbbells
Monthly Items Monthly use; items used at times Manuals, Dictionaries, Reference Books Hiking and Camping Equipment
Yearly Items Occasion Use; Collections Notebooks from secondary school, classic book collections Diving and Skiing Equipment

Use clothing as an example. “Daily” clothing refers to clothes that we wear on a regular basis; in my case, it would be shirts and denim trousers. I would put these daily essential items of clothing in the most visible spot in the wardrobe where I can just grab and go.

“Monthly” clothing is defined by seasons, for example, wool coats, scarfs and warmers for cold weather. As these clothes tend to be worn only for a few weeks a year here in Hong Kong, I would organise clothes by seasons into different boxes, storing away out-of-season clothing somewhere unnoticeable in the wardrobe. In this way, it will not clutter your home with piles of clothes that easily turn into mess and disarray.

“Yearly” clothing are clothes worn only on occasions, or just as a collection of moments such as university graduation gowns. These kinds of clothes would be buried deep in your wardrobe or put in the self-storage rental space.

There are no shortcuts to everything – and keeping your home clean and tidy is no exception. But you can always speed up the process of tidying up your home if you can learn the techniques above by heart, and turn them into habits. Most of the time, however, space seem to be the ultimate reason for all the tidying-up. By storing infrequently used or seasonal belongings in self-storage units, it will save you from the agony of a cluttered home and make room for life’s precious moments!

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