【Home Organization Tips】Japanese creative ideas for knick-knacks and toy storage

What troubles parents the most would probably be children’s toys. Most of the time, kids leave everything as it is after playing, with toys all over the place. Noticing such phenomenon, Japanese parents had come up with new toy storage solutions, creating a kids-exclusive space to store all their knick-knacks and toys. Here we bring you three home organization tips to get all the toys organized neat and tidy!

Toy Storage Method #1 | Parking Lot

Most, if not all, boys are obsessed with toy cars. However, toy cars are tiny and could go unnoticeable easily, causing various accidents and injuries. One way to arrange the miniatures would be to have parking lots. Japanese parents made use of simple tools to create parking space for their kids’ cars. Add some white lines on to a piece of black drawing paper, and a DIY car park is done. You may also adjust the width accordingly, such that cars of all different sizes fit into your carpark in a breeze.

Apart from cars and buses, some like to collect trains. You may think that letter trays are for papers only, but they are also one of the perfect storage solutions for trains. This multi-story storage space can hold trains easily, mimicking a mini train depot.

Toy Storage Method #2 | Dolls Display

Whenever girls see the dolls they like and ask for them, it can be hard to say ‘no’. With new additions over time, dolls may start to swamp the entire home. The idea that Japanese parents popped up with was to make a swing for dolls. It sounds easy, and the materials are handy to find as well. You will need wood planks, pieces of cloth and hooks, as well as a hot glue gun.

Begin by rolling pieces of cloth into circles and adhere them onto the two-ends of wood planks using the hot glue gun. Repeat the above steps and hook them together if you want a swing with multiple platforms. Not only can it help you accommodate all the dolls in one place, but it is also a nice decoration to add to your home.

Toy Storage Tip #1 | Dustproof

Knick-knacks are loved by many, but trouble comes when layers of dust slowly accumulate as they sit idle. The building up of dust could impair your toy ornaments’ appearance as they may fade in color, or even get rusty and deformed. Dust is difficult to clean with water, especially for toys made of PVC.

Baking soda is an awesome cleaning solution that many overlooks. It removes grease and stains without hassle, freshening up your toys easily. The powder substance is easy to use and rarely does damage to toys’ surface. All you have to do is to add some baking soda onto a wet towel, wipe the toys gently before washing out with neutral soap water. Last but not least, let it dry naturally or soak up using kitchen towels.

For everyday protection, you may wish to put your knick-knacks into display boxes that are made of glass or acrylic. In this way, it effectively blocks out dust and puts the focal on your toys nicely. As you move them into mini storages, these display boxes can also form part of the protection, giving your collectibles double layers of insurance.

Toy Storage Tip #2 | Heatproof

Many people thought that placing toys, mostly children’s toys, under direct sunlight helps to kill dust mites and mold, reducing the potential risk of allergy. Nevertheless, not all kinds of toys are suitable to come into contact with direct sunlight frequently. Soft toys are one of the prominent examples, as they risk losing their color and possibly lead to a shorter life.

To clean plush toys properly, begin with mixing water and fluff detergent. Dampen a soft brush and rub gently on the toys’ surface. Afterward, soak them into a bowl of clean water and put them into the washing machine for spinning. At last, don’t forget to dry them out at a ventilated space.

Always remember to keep toys out of the sunlight, so they do not wither quickly. If possible, consider putting them in an environment with a stable temperature.

Toy Storage Tip #3 | Moisture-proof

Hong Kong is known for its humid weather, frequently causing mold on toys, or even have them cracked or turned yellow. Typically, relative humidity of 40% to 50% is optimal for toy storage. It is therefore evident than it’s not the drier the better.

Some resort to the use of dehumidifier and desiccant to control humidity. Yet, it could be too dry for toys’ plastic joints, thus making them prone to fracture. Therefore, putting toys into dry boxes represents one of the best storage solutions for toys. In this way, toys are placed in their suitable humidity, and it also effectively bars out dust and insects, giving them the best protection possible.

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