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When it comes to boosting productivity, we think of different tools that help with efficiency and project management, but often overlook the physical space of the office or the importance of office design.

Small offices are common in cities like Hong Kong, where office rent is staggering and the lack of storage space is a common denominator for many businesses. It is not uncommon to see boxes of documents stacked up or unused items taking up corner spaces. However, this can take a toll on your company’s labour productivity which is the heart and soul of a business.

Fret not! There are simple things you can do and changes you can make to your office environment that will help your team stay productive.

  1. A cleaner office environment
  2. Nothing impacts labour productivity more than discomfort. One thing you can do, other than purchasing quality chairs and having a well-lit office, is keeping the office space clean.

    Clutter and idle furniture attract dust. Beyond health concerns, sitting in a dusty workplace all day long five days a week is unpleasant, to say the least. It also impacts indoor air quality, which causes allergies and could be the reason for absences. In fact, a study has shown that a clean workspace reduces sickness absence and increases productivity.

  3. Stay organized
  4. Make office cleaning easier and more effective by staying organized. We’re talking about more than just decluttered desks.

    In fact, you don’t have to avoid clutters completely, some people work fine with clutters, but you do need some organization to the clutter in order to avoid wasting time looking for documents or things that you need. Have an organization system in place so that everyone knows exactly where things are and should be even if they are cluttered.

    For important documents and records, it is best to keep them in a file sorter or a cabinet with compartments clearly labelled for safekeeping and allow everyone to efficiently locate them.

  5. Consider renting a storage unit
  6. Once you’ve sorted out what’s necessary to get you through your daily operation, consider renting a storage unit for any unused items or idle furniture. This will minimize the storage space needed at the office and gives you extra space for office designs that will facilitate productivity and can do wonders to your business bottom line (check out How Self-Storage Can Improve Work Efficiency & Business Bottom Line). Here are a few things you may consider moving to a storage unit:

    • Overstocked stationery and office supplies
    • Extra desks or chairs
    • Records and documents unnecessary for day-to-day operations
    • Backstock merchandise, displays and samples

Office Designs For Maximum Productivity

Once you’ve freed up additional office space, put it to good use.

The physical workspace does count when it comes to improving productivity. Your office space should be designed in a way that facilitates your employees to be productive. A rule of thumb is “what pleases the eyes pleases the mind”. Here are a few ideas you can try.

  • Let the natural sunlight light up the office
  • A naturally-lit office is beneficial for the employees’ overall mental and physical health. It can reduce stress level, tiredness and gloomy feelings. Studies have shown that a lack of natural daylight reduces productivity and job satisfaction. So it’s time to leave those window blinds open and arrange work desks to optimize the lighting.

  • Create opportunities for movement
  • Design an office layout that encourages employees to get away from their desks once in a while. Place water coolers or copy machines on the opposite side of the computers and desks to provide reasons for employees to stand and move.

  • Plan your office layout strategically
  • While it’s nice to get people standing up and stretching their legs every now and then, think about where you should put the essentials. For instance, if your legal team requires frequent access to reference books and old cases, place the shelves somewhere they can easily reach, without having to walk over to a library corner at the other side of the office. Perhaps somewhere within reach of a swivel in their chairs.

  • Bring in greenery
  • Studies have found that having plants in an office environment increases productivity. Desk plants have been linked to improved mood, concentration and creativity. Spending as little as three minutes minding a desk plant can tremendously reduce work-related stress.

  • Create breakout areas
  • A lot of us will hit a productivity wall at some point during the day. Taking quick, short breaks help us refocus or gain new perspectives. Having an office breakout area has been found to be associated with employee satisfaction, happiness and labour productivity. Designate an area in your office where employees can remove themselves from their work environment for a while, have a cup of tea, spend some time off-screen or meditate, and get back to their desks with renewed energy.

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