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Winter is just around the corner as autumn comes and goes quietly. Perhaps it’s a good time to get your wardrobe organized. When seasons change, you’ll most likely be shopping for some new winter clothes.However, you only have limited space in your closet for all your outfits. That’s why many choose to have their off-season clothing stored in a mini-storage in order to make way for their new items. Here are a few tips for you to be a pro in closet storage!

Don’t hesitate! Be decisive!

An overflowing closet may seem laughable, but it’s a scene most of us encounter occasionally! This is especially true when you’ve been hunting for bargains throughout the year. If you’ve been spending too little time organizing your wardrobe, then you’d better spend some time to get them sorted out when swapping your summer and winter clothes.

Forget about all those unnecessary items or impulsive buys. Instead of having them sit in your closet year after year, have you ever considered of giving them a new life? You may ask if your friends want them, donate them to local charities, or even see if there are any recycling programs going on around you. Most importantly, remember not to repeat the same mistakes again by only buying what you need!

Clean and dry before storing

When tidying up your summer clothes, make sure you’ve cleaned them all and had them dried thoroughly before storing them. If the clothes are still dirty or not fully dried, you’re risking your clothes becoming a hotbed for germs and bacteria! Your clothes might turn yellow, have mildew on them, or even become stinky. To avoid regret, clean and drying of clothes thoroughly.

Classification in wardrobe storage

Arrange your clothes into groups before putting them into closet storage. This will help you switch back to summer clothes more efficiently next time.

Sorting the light clothes and dark clothes apart may help you avoid dyes bleeding and ruining your light clothes. You may also group clothes according to their texture such that the delicate ones are better protected. Classifying garments with respect to their functions is also a good idea. There’s no single best solution in arranging clothes, so you can always try your own sorting method.

Make use of different organizers

The most common way to store your clothes is to use storage boxes. But in Hong Kong, with scarce space available, you will want to make every inch of space count. In light of this, we recommend using space saver bags instead. Not only do these bags save you space after being vacuumed, but they also help you defend against mould and the humid weather. Vacuum storage bags can usually save 25% of space, making way for more space for new clothes! This is also an environmental-friendly act, as you may reuse these bags multiple times before needing to replace them.

Choosing the right box

There are some key points to consider when choosing the right box for wardrobe storage. Transparent and semi-transparent boxes are the better choices, as you can easily identify what’s inside without needing to open them. Remember though, using cardboard boxes is a big no-no! They frequently attract bugs and are unable to withstand hot and humid conditions. To keep your clothes in the best possible condition, it’s best to avoid that. Last but not least, don’t forget to place desiccants and deodorants into your storage boxes and to place your boxes away from moisture.

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